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Easy Steps For Quick Weed Delivery in North York

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1. Click & Choose

Click on the ‘Order Now’ button and browse our wide range of cannabis products. Add your picks to the cart.

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2. Safe Checkout

Sign in or use guest checkout, then complete delivery and payment details to place your order. Your information’s safety is our priority.

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3. Delivery to Your Doorstep

Enjoy your day. Our staff will call before they deliver and ensure your cannabis arrives at your North York doorstep by 6:30 PM.

North York Weed Delivery Menu

From cannabis flower to edibles to tinctures, find the best brands and all the categories of weed you need. Our menu offers a comprehensive selection to satisfy your preferences with top-quality products.

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Oil & Capsules

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Why Choose kanab for Weed Delivery in North York?

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Learn More About the Types of Products

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Cannabis Flower

Also known as buds, flowers are Canada’s top marijuana choice, known for their variety in colour, flavour, and potency. They’re packed with cannabinoids and terpenes. In Toronto, folks smoke or vape them, grinding the bud for use in papers, pipes, bongs, or vaporizers. They can also be cooked with. Effects kick in fast, lasting 2-3 hours.

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A pre-roll is exactly what it sounds like – cannabis flower rolled for you and ready to smoke. Marijuana flower can be rolled in cigarette paper (for a joint) or in cigar paper (for a blunt). Toronto North York’s kanab sells both pre-rolls and blunts in various pack quantities.

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Edibles & Beverages

Edibles and drinks infused with cannabis offer a smoke-free option, turning THC into a stronger compound via liver processing. They range from chocolates and gummies to soft drinks. Effects kick in between 30 min to 2 hours and can last over 12 hours, often more intense than smoking. Start slow to avoid overconsumption.

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Vapes & Cartridges

Vaping is a smoke-free method to enjoy THC and CBD, using devices like vape pens that heat, not burn, cannabis concentrates. Options range from disposable to rechargeable. Our North York cannabis dispensary delivers a variety of vapes, including disposables, 510-thread cartridges, and THC or CBD options.

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Concentrates offer a more potent experience than flowers, packing much higher cannabinoid levels. Kanab’s weed delivery in North York has a wide selection, including live resins, rosins, hash, diamonds, oil and shatter, with methods like vaping or sprinkling on flowers. We provide all accessories and personalized advice to suit your needs.

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Oils & Capsules

Extracts like oil, tinctures, and distillates pack a potent punch, extracted from cannabis for high purity. Available as drops, sprays, strips, or capsules, they’re mostly taken orally but can be vaped or smoked. Effects start within 30-60 min, lasting up to 8 hours. For a non-intoxicating option, try CBD-only oils, which studies have shown to ease pain and anxiety.

More Facts on Our North York Weed Delivery Service

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Our 5-Star Review

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Things to Do in North York

agha khan museum

Aga Khan Museum

Step into the Aga Khan Museum in North York to explore the wonders of Islamic art. Located at 77 Wynford Drive, this treasure houses over 1,200 artifacts, offering a journey through Muslim cultures and their artistic connections. With lively exhibitions and educational programs, it’s a place where curiosity meets discovery. Come, be inspired, and connect with a world of beauty and heritage.

a park with a bridge

Sunnybrook Park

Explore North York’s Sunnybrook Park, a gem with historic barns and a public riding school. Enjoy a dog-friendly area, bike trails, and sports fields. A gift to the city in 1928, it’s a slice of tranquility for outdoor lovers and families. Dive into nature, history, and recreation in this vibrant green space. Whether cycling, running, or enjoying a peaceful day, Sunnybrook is your go-to for adventure and relaxation.

centre for sciences in north york toronto ontario canada

Ontario Science Centre

Nestled near the Don Valley in North York, the Ontario Science Centre is a haven for curiosity and adventure with 500+ exhibits, a rainforest, and a science arcade. You can gaze at galaxies in Toronto’s only public planetarium or enjoy the IMAX® Dome theatre. It doesn’t matter how old you are; you’ll be fully engaged in the live science demonstrations and interactive learning opportunities.

a public square in north york toronto canada

Mel Lastman Square

Mel Lastman Square, nestled above North York Centre subway, buzzes with free events and food trucks beside Yonge Street. Each summer weekend, it transforms into a cultural fest with live music, dance, and more in its sunken amphitheatre. Enjoy ping-pong, chess, or relax by the garden and pond as the community comes together. It’s a lively urban retreat for families and friends to enjoy outdoor performances and celebrate diversity under the open sky.

Weed Laws in North York

In North York, Ontario, individuals must be 19 years of age or older to purchase, consume, possess, and cultivate recreational cannabis, aligning with the minimum age requirements for the sale of tobacco and alcohol in the province.

Where it’s legal to use marijuana: private residences, outdoor public areas, designated smoking areas, residential vehicles, and specific controlled areas.

Where it is not legal to use cannabis: indoor public spaces, enclosed public areas, schools, areas frequented by children, hospitals, care homes, publicly owned properties, and vehicles in operation.

Residents are allowed to cultivate up to four cannabis plants per household, with certain restrictions applying to attached homes and non-homeowners.

The possession limit is set at 30 grams of dried marijuana or its equivalent in related products.
1 gram of dried cannabis = 5 grams of fresh buds, or 15 grams of edibles, or 70 grams of liquid product, or 0.25 grams of concentrate, or one cannabis seed. More here.

Recreational and medical use of marijuana has been legal since October 2018, following the implementation of the Cannabis Act of Canada. It’s crucial to recognize that each Province and Territory may have its own distinct marijuana laws, necessitating an understanding of local regulations. For comprehensive information on North York’s marijuana regulations, you can refer to the Ontario government’s cannabis page.

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