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Kanab Blog

Learn more about cannabis, strains, edibles, effects and more. Our writers are cannabis connoisseurs and all their content is reviewed by a medical physician.

Cannabis and Anxiety

Cannabis has a wide variety of applications in medicine, and there is a growing body of research on its use to treat anxiety disorders. With…

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Our Reviews Speak for Themselves

Had the most fun I’ve had in a weed shop with Mark and Natasha😆 All I had to say was I wanted to be couch locked and they hooked me up. They also threw in a free lighter and Mark gave us one of every single sticker. Lmao A+++ service, A+++ weed

Every single time I come here, the staff is always so nice and on point with their recommendations. And so close to home, nice clean location and quality bud and quality staff.

10/10 service and product selection.
Quick, Friendly, and Excellent service. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for the most comfortable setting to buy their cannabis products.

Very Clean and open, more gram strains than other stores!

Amazing customer service… good suggestions for those goin there with no idea of wat to grab.. ma man, Chase.. u the best.

Honest group of sales professionals who great you with a smile. Kanab is A ok!

The best dispensary I’ve been to. Staff are always the most welcoming and hospitable and will take their time to find you exactly what you’re looking for. Music is always bomb and they have the prettiest displays! Not to mention, it’s not just a kid behind the counter with an iPad.

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